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All You Need to Know About Haptic Base and Personal Sound


The beauty of sound and its harmony that is unique to each and every single human often goes unnoticed. The sense of hearing is one of the 5 main senses for humans, and it carries with it some very intriguing concepts. The functioning of this particular sense operates marvellously as well. Vibrations captured by our ears are converted into impulses in the nerves which are received by the brain. This is a mechanical stimulus, which allows us to interpret sound.

Personal Sound – What’s it all about?

Humans can hear sound from as low as 20 Hz up to 20 kHz! Each individual interprets sounds in a different way. There has been some significant research in the domain of hearing, and it has led to many smart technologies to make a significant impact on the everyday lives of people. One such technological marvel is Personal Sound Amplification Products or PSAPs.  PSAPs are built for people with hearing problems, and use personal sound to rectify the sound distortion to act as a hearing aid for the users.

Personal sound has played a very vital role in how the earphones and headphones industry, along with the hearing aids domain of the healthcare industry, have boomed over the past decade.

As the name suggests, these products are very helpful in amplifying sound for people by suppressing any unwanted feedback while keeping the sound quality intact. Personal sound basically adapts to the user’s hearing unique sensitivity to sound by assessing the sound amplification that best suits their hearing needs. This can be executed by assessing the EQ setting for a user, where the feature can recognize the user’s personal sound profile by optimizing sound amplification across various spectrums.

For instance, Skullcandy’s app comes equipped with a plethora of features, the most prominent being the personal sound feature. The user can take a real-time audio test on the app, which assesses the personal sound preferences of the user. It creates a Personal Sound profile for the user after assessing their EQ settings. This profile is then used by flagship headphones with the pre-installed feature of Personal Sound like Skullcandy Crusher ANC, Crusher Evo & Indy ANC This provides the users with automatic optimization of audio, which means that the user can hear the various layers in the music they are hearing.

However, PSAPs and Personal Sound headphones lag in one particular aspect of sound amplification, which is distortion. This is where Haptic Technology comes in to save the day!

What is Haptic Technology?

Also known as kinaesthetic communication, Haptic Technology is a system that seamlessly incorporates tactile or force-feedback and vibrates through a sense of touch. This stimulation is very prevalent in the sound industry, and has evolved over the years to offer people with an immaculate listening experience.

●     How does Haptic Technology Enhance Personal Sound Experience?

Remember the 5 senses humans have? One of them is the sense of touching. When people think of tactile sensations, it is a result of the somatosensory system. This system consists of a multitude of sensations, including vibrations, pressure, temperature, movement, and the position of your body. Each of these sensations sends out a different type of information to your brain.

Haptic Technology intertwines all of these sensations, and provides you with a holistic sensation that enhances your personal sound experience. It is used in our everyday lives, like vibrations in a mobile phone, ultrasound, etc.

●     What Lies Ahead for Haptic Technology?

Haptic technology has seeped its way into our everyday lives, being used in mobile phones, wearable smart devices, mid-air haptics, hearing aids, controllers, body-suits & exoskeletons, VR, game consoles, earphones or headphones, and much more. While the scope for growth in Haptic technology is limitless, in the near future, this technology will make a significant impact on the world economy and pave the way for more advanced technology to be implemented across all domains.

Particularly, Haptic Technology will benefit the earphones and headphones industry, where the intrinsically advanced development in this technology has already made some revolutionary changes in the music industry. Major brands like Skullcandy are paving the way for this technology being accessible. The domain of Haptic technology that is making the waves is Haptic Bass. Let’s explore what it exactly is.

Haptic Bass and its Relevance in the Headphone Industry

Haptic bass can be defined as a vibrating mechanism, which uniquely responds to the bass produced by the earphones or headphones. An example that can familiarize you with this concept is IMAX or 4D movie watching experience, where you are experiencing surround sound which you can feel.

Haptic bass is a slider which is capable of allowing you to fine-tune and enhance the bass setting in your device, so that it matches with the audio you’re listening to. Skullcandy’s Crusher Wireless Headphones have already demonstrated the peak performance of this feature, and exceeds the expectations of the listeners.

The relevance of Haptic Bass can be seen in the way it has penetrated many industries. It is used by the best sound engineers in the world, and also by the top production houses who develop albums and sounds for the biggest artists worldwide. And Skullcandy is one of the most preferred headphones for these giants due to how well the company incorporates this technology into their headphones.

IMAX utilizes this technology to offer the viewers with a holistic viewing experience, where their sense of touch and hearing coincide. IMAX is considered to be the best experience for moviegoers for this exact reason.


The future for Haptic Technology & Personal Sound is bright, and the headphone industry will only see more advanced solutions implemented into their devices to elevate the benchmark of pristine sound experience. Skullcandy has been delving deep into developing the most accessible and advanced headphones which incorporate these technologies to perfection. Skullcandy Crusher ANC & Crusher Evo are already pushing the boundaries of Haptic Technology and Personal Sound.

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