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Human Potential Labs


No matter who you are or where you're from, we're willing to bet music has played a big part in your life. Skullcandy is committed to researching and studying how to harness that power to make us better. All of us.

To stay at the forefront of sound science we've thrown open the doors of our new Skullcandy Human Potential Labs, a.k.a. the "Boom Box" in the mountains and elevation of Park City. This state of the art facility studies the effects of music on individuals and focuses on discovering ways to unlock human potential through music.

Our stellar in-house research crew is led by three-time Olympian Emily Cook and supported by our talented teams of artists, athletes, engineers and industrial designers. To accelerate our learning, we've also teamed up with the most influential research minds at the intersection of the mental, physical and musical worlds. Our committee consists of experts from a variety of specialized fields including Dr. Andy Walshe, Director of Redbull's Global Athlete Development Program; Dr. Leslie Saxon, Executive Director of Body Computing at the University of Southern California; and Dr. Nichole Detling, renowned Sports Psychologist and Ph.D who consults with an impressive array of professional athletes.

This team and committee in partnership with USC and the University of Utah is studying the effect of bass on athletic performance and the correlation between music and recovery. Moreover, because we believe that the benefits of music apply to anyone, we're going beyond athletes and also teaming up with the Music and Memory Coalition as well as Utah's Children's Center.

Great potential lies at the intersection of people and music whether you're an elite athlete competing at the highest level, or a person struggling with basic cognition while trying to get through your day. We're actively developing the tools people need to make the most out of music in their lives, because we believe that music can help you do the unthinkable and achieve the seemingly impossible.

We're building a one of a kind brain trust that puts Skullcandy at the forefront of understanding more about this. Stay tuned.