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Gifting Ideas for Your Loved Ones


2020 has been challenging for everyone. Work and education had to go virtual, social events got disrupted, and everyone faced stress in one or the other form. Most of us and our loved ones had to deal with some form of anxiety while thinking of what the future might behold. Wouldn’t you love to be the beacon of happiness for your friends, family, colleagues, and even clients? Here is a list curated by our team that balances purpose, creativity, and awe in every gift.

5 Creative Gifting Ideas for 2020

1. Gift Your Loved Ones Sweet Dreams: Nidra Eye Mask.

Good sleep can help in rejuvenating, energizing, and starting your day on a healthy note. Well, that’s common knowledge. The problem often comes in getting that deep sleep every night. Anxiety, noise, and thoughts often get in the way of it. Nidra Eye Mask solves that for you and your loved ones.

Its design is optimized for comfort and utility. It has been carefully crafted with eye-pads that completely block the light and still leave space for you to blink at your natural rhythm. The small nose piece perfectly sits in the right spot and ensures your eye mask does not slip off. Its fabric makes it ideal for multiple uses and easy to take care of.

2. Gift an Effortlessly Cleaner Home: Robo Vacuum Cleaner.

. While redecorating and redesigning may seem enjoyable, cleaning is certainly not on the ‘happy to-do during the holiday season’ list of everyone.

It is easy to solve that one with this range of robo vacuum cleaners. Imagine having your ordinary vacuum cleaner and adding enough intelligence to it for it to automatically do the task! That is exactly what these Robo vacuum cleaners do. With a battery-powered setup that runs a vacuum of up to 2,000 pa, your loved ones can sit back and relax while the vacuum cleaner does its job without any noises!

3. Bring Out the Inner-Child in Everyone: Nintendo Switch, Xbox X, or PlayStation 5.

Actually, this recommendation is not limited to just your younger friends. Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStations are the leading in-house gaming platforms. This means that they can bring an entire family together as it spends a nice evening playing Overcooked 2 or Rocket League.

The debate between Xbox and PlayStation is widely covered in the media. You will find many detailed pieces comparing the technical specs of the two. If you are not a regular gamer, you cannot go wrong while choosing any of the two. Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, brings a hybrid mode of gaming – you can carry it for a more portable experience or use it as a console at your place for a more immersive experience.

4. Read More with Less Paper: Kindle Paperwhite.

One of the reasons we do not read is that the process of researching for a new book, buying it, physically going through it, and then carefully storing it is quite limiting. The Kindle Paperwhite, which can store anywhere between 2000 to 6000 books in its memory, makes reading more accessible to you and your loved ones. Your loved ones will get to choose from over 6 million titles on the store and will save on almost every title they buy as Kindle books tend to be more expensive than their hardcover counterparts.

5. Gift a Personalized Music Experience: Skullcandy Crusher Evo & Crusher ANC.

Music can be a great way to wind down and relax or a great way to pump up and work harder. No matter what you want to do with the energy music gives you, the impact of your music is largely a function of how well are you able to receive it. This makes the sound profile of your music quite important. And that is where the Skullcandy Crusher Evo makes the experience of listening to music more personalized than ever.

You can connect the headphones with the Skullcandy app and personalize your sound profile. It comes with the brand’s signature bass-enhancing system, runs for 40 hours on a full charge and 4 hours on a 10-minute charge, is optimized for long-day use, and foldable design that makes it very portable.

In Conclusion

The gifting season is a great way to express your gratitude, warmth, and compassion for your loved ones, colleagues, and friends. End the year on a high note and let 2021 begin with relaxing sleep, comfortable & cleaner homes, fun memories between families, an access key to a portable bank of knowledge, and an immersive music experience!

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