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Before you get started troubleshooting, let’s make sure you are reading the correct support page. To identify your True Wireless product, the product name will be printed either inside the charging case on the underside of the lid OR on the back body of the charging case.



ISSUE: The biggest challenge with true wireless earbuds is ensuring your buds are properly connected to each other and your device. There are times when you may unintentionally disconnect the buds and change their paired state, this can create pairing challenges and impact your ability to use either bud solo (Solo Mode). Do not worry, as there is an easy fix!

  • To ensure ease of re-pairing, please unpair or forget your Spoke in your paired Bluetooth device list
  • Remove the Spoke earbuds from the charging case and manually power OFF by pressing the button on BOTH earbuds for 4 seconds
  • Once both buds have been powered OFF, reset them:
    1. Press the button on each bud for 10 seconds to completely reset them (this will power cycle them on and off again).
  • Sync the buds together:
    1. Place the buds back in the case until both LEDs show red, and then pull them back out.
    2. Both buds will automatically power ON and the LEDs will simultaneously flash BLUE while they sync to each other.
    3. You will hear a tone to indicate the sync was successful, and the right OR the left bud will begin to flash RED/BLUE.
  • At this time, turn on your device’s Bluetooth and look for Spoke in your list of available Bluetooth devices. Please make sure it only appears once, and select it. For Android devices: “Click + Pair New Device” and select Spoke to pair your earbuds to your device.
    • IMPORTANT – Select all “Pair” and “Ok” prompts that will pop up on your screen.
    • Once successfully paired, a voice prompt will notify you that you are now “Connected” and you will see Spoke twice in your “paired devices” list.


ISSUE: If you’re a user that would like to use the Spoke with only one earbud, you’re in luck! The technology in Spoke allows the user to use either the left OR the right bud in Solo Mode. Once paired correctly, you will be able to switch between buds at your discretion. Although, if you’re having any challenges using either bud solo, you may follow these simple steps to ensure ease of use when pairing and switching between Solo and Stereo Modes.

  • Please note – BOTH the left and right bud can be used in Solo Mode
  • For the optimal Solo Mode functionality, first Power On and pair your buds to your device normally or as described in our troubleshooting section. This will ensure the seamless transition between Stereo and Solo modes.
  • Once both Spoke buds are paired together, simply place the RIGHT or LEFT bud back into the case; whichever you prefer! The remaining bud will stay paired and function with both phone calls and music.
  • You will maintain bud functionality, but you will lose some of the media control functionality such as “Volume + or -“, and “Track << or >>”, depending on which bud was placed in the case when in Solo Mode. The RIGHT bud will always control Volume Up and Track forward, and the LEFT bud will always control Volume Down and Track Back.
  • If you would like to change back to Stereo Mode from Solo Mode, simply pull the other bud from the case at any time and you will hear a tone, or the music will seamlessly begin to stream to indicate that you have automatically entered back into Stereo Mode.
  • PLEASE NOTE – If you’re having any trouble switching between the LEFT and RIGHT buds in Solo Mode, you will need to follow the reset instructions explained above and clear BOTH earbuds and re-pair to enter back into the correct paired state to use either bud in Solo Mode again.


ISSUE: Not seeing the RED LED indicator on the buds when you’ve placed your Spoke back in the charging case?

  • Check to see if any debris is blocking the charging pins at the bottom of the case, or on the bud.
  • Check to see if the ear gels have been twisted or are falling off. This could be keeping the buds from sitting correctly in the case. If you’re having a hard time closing the lid completely, it is likely because the earbuds are not set correctly or the gels are interfering.
  • Check the battery level fuel gauge on the charging case to ensure the case is holding a charge.
  • When charging the device, we recommend using a cable, charger, or outlet with a power output that does not exceed 18-Watt (5 Volts/3.6amps).

If you’ve checked everything above and are still experiencing issues and/or if the indicator light remains dark and does not come on at all, please visit our warranty page where you can file a claim to receive a replacement product. All Skullcandy products have a 2-year warranty.

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